Welcome to BidMeApp!

BidMeApp is a Flask application developed for GreenToe, an online auction-based retailer.
Customers can browse GreenToe's website, which lists a number of products that are either available directly from GreenToe or from a set of partner retailers, and have the faculty to bid on them. At the moment of bidding, customers are provided with the average retail price - as computed across the partner retailers - as well as the lowest sale price - if available - for the product.
Once a bid is placed, GreenToe pings all the partner retailers selling the product who, in turn, can accept, ignore, or counter the offer.
Whether or not a bid is successful depends on several factors, including (but not limited to) how the offer price compares with retail and sale prices, the product type, the age of the product, and its inventory status.
BidMeApp ingests all the above information and employs machine learning to estimate the probability that a given offer will be successful, countered, or ignored.
Ready to try?
The demo version is free to try, but the full version is password protected. Please contact me if you wish to unlock the full application.